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hermes Microcom

Our company headquarters is situated in a beautiful suburb of Munich just a few kilometers from the Alps. Our manufacturing facility in the north of Bavaria has state-of-the-art SDM placement machinery providing manufacturing to the highest of standards. The range of products offered by microcom have been developed since the early 90's and we have constantly endeavored to provide products of the highest quality while at the same time providing excellent value for money. As early as 1992 we developed the very first GPS-enabled fleet management system for analog trunking in the world, which was the first building block on the way to becoming a global player in the field of radio based fleet management systems.

The portfolio includes:



HermesTRX Enterprise Indoor & Outdoor Positioning System

The hermesTRX is a plug-and-play professional and cost-effective real-time GPS fleet management system which uses various mapping platforms including Google Earth. It is configurable through a built-in web server to track and manage vehicles or personnel assets by GPS enabled Motorola Radios.

It is an advanced truly plug-and-play solution being very intuitive to set up and leads the standards in the MOTOTRBO application world.


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