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AAA Communications is the leading provider of two-way radio and temporary communication solutions to the entertainment industry. Contact our New York/New Jersey office to get a quote for your next event or tour.

Providing Two-way Radio and Communication Solutions to the Entertainment Industry



My Oh My what can I say no matter the size of your event or the complexity of your event you will find no company more suited or able to provide you with all of the equipment, skills, professionalism and dedication than AAA Communications.

They are able to help and provide you with whatever is needed in order to make you're event to project a success, I have used them for many years all over the world and have never had a problem or handed them a project or issue that they couldn't solve.

As was once said to me "If you truly want the best and will settle for nothing less, than AAA is the company to call" So in closing let me say if AAA can't do what you need it can't be done.......

Benny Collins | Michael Jackson, Madonna,Journey,U2, Rolling Stones

The PNC Bank Arts Center has been using AAA Communications for our radio needs for over 6 years. They have always been able to accommodate our needs from radios and frequency assistance to repeaters and equipment maintenance. The repair and service team in particular has gone above and beyond to solve technical issues on short notice.

We look forward to continuing to work with AAA Communication in the future.

Damian Healy | Live Nation

Event Resources, Inc. has utilized the services of AAA Communications radio rentals in NYC - and around the country for the last 25 years. Their products work, they are cost effective, accommodating and they are always trying to help their clients find solutions. Wholeheartedly recommend!

Tanya Greenblatt | Event Resources, Inc.

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