Nationwide Motorola Two-way Radio/Walkie Talkie Rentals

AAA Communications is the leading provider of two-way radio and temporary communication solutions to the entertainment industry. Contact our New York/New Jersey office to get a quote for your next event or tour.

Providing Two-way Radio and Communication Solutions to the Entertainment Industry


Alarm & Telemetry Applications

CALL24 Wireless TRBO Call Box

Call24 header image

Safety On Call


Call24 TRBO is the Call24 interface and operational software that supports Call24 call box integration into MOTOTRBO systems.

Alarms and security communications are enhanced in schools, healthcare, commercial, industrial, or government sites when using CALL24 call boxes that have been integrated into MOTOTRBO RF Systems.

CALL24 Wireless TRBO Call Box

FirstPAGE Family

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Wireless Alarm & Event Notification Solutions


FirstPAGE product family provides a hardware/software bridge between Alarms & Events that occur in Industrial applications, equipment, systems and provides production critical textual information to MOTOTRBO portable and mobile radios, PCs and smartphones with an optional WAVE client installed. This real-time information enables hourly and salaried workers to make better informed decisions that positively impacts productivity, quality and profitability.

FirstPAGE Family

TRBOnet For Generic Option Board

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The Radio Got Smarter


TRBOnet software for Generic Option Board enhances digital radio network with automated telemetry and emergency response as well as helps to receive detailed data uninterruptedly with minimum time intervals possible.

Swift Event logic consists of three main components – Events, Conditions and Actions.

TRBOnet For Generic Option Board


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SCADA Applications Over MOTOTRBO


The Tallysman TW200 SCADA Device provides secure and reliable end-to end SCADA and Telemetry communication over Motorola MOTOTRBO™ radio systems. The TW200 provides serial port (RS232) pass-thru connectivity for Remote Terminal Equipment (RTU) and Supervisory Control and Supervision systems (SCS).

The TW200 support 300 byte data payloads. Transmissions are triggered in response to a SCS poll or an autonomous alarm event triggered by an RTU. The time to complete a typical system poll and receive a RTU response is less than 3 seconds.


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