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Email And Data Gateway For Connectplus


Email is the most popular technology used as the conduit for work orders (tickets), alerts from fire alarms, machinery that requires attention and weather reports. It also allows communications with smartphone users. With text@trbo radios can send, receive and reply to emails as text messages.

text@trboPlus has been deployed for generic dispatch, hospitality, building management and different types of alert and alarm notification systems. It has also been used to export raw GPS data.

Key Benefits

  • text@trboPlus was uniquely designed as a true middleware component: it is very easy to deploy, effective and can run unattended for years.
  • Messaging is inherently faster, more accurate and less obtrusive than voice communications.
  • Pool radios by sending emails to user IDs rather than radio IDs.
  • Messages are stored locally and forwarded when the radio is unavailable.
  • Reliable HotSOS web services support replaces need for email servers.
  • Export raw GPS data to Versatrans, Transloc and other 3rd party tracking systems as well as MySQL and other databases.

Key Features

  • Private and group messages.
  • Unlimited number of radios and email users.
  • Wireline XRC9x000 controller interface.
  • Supports STARTTLS / TLS / SSL encryption.
  • Unlimited message storage.
  • Runs as a Windows service.
  • Thin client with light CPU utilisation.
  • Bounce back email notifications.

System Requirements And Types

  • Radio Hardware/Releases Compatibility:
    • Any MOTOTRBO radio supported on Connect Plus systems
  • Computer Hardware/Operating Systems:
    • MS-Windows XP or greater (including Windows Server) with 1.5GHz CPU and 1GB RAM.
    • Any email server (e.g. onsite MS-Exchange or offsite Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, etc.).
  • Interfaces:
    • Ethernet for network access.
  • Compatible with ConnectPlus 1.4 or above


Fire & Emergency Medical Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Mining, Oil & Gas, National Government Security, Police, Public Services (non-Public Safety Government), Retail, Transportation & Logistics, Utilities.

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