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SafeNet™ is very easy to use. Just click and enjoy the benefits that this application brings to your organization. Features include GPS Tracking with Google Maps, Historical Playback, Enhanced Reporting, Email and Unlimited Text Messaging. Subscribers log into a customized web page designated to their specific needs.

SafeMobile hosts, maintains and manages the site. We configure your system, install and test on the spot, to ensure everything is working properly to provide peace of mind. All updates and enhancements are provided automatically via web updates and are included in your annual maintenance package.

Key Benefits

  • Web-based Solution with Smart Phone Capabilities.
  • Customizable Interface.
  • Integrates with Existing Radio System.
  • Affordable Monthly Fee.
  • Increased Field Personnel Safety.
  • Improved Field Communications.
  • Access Critical Fleet Information.
  • Supports Capacity Plus, Conventional, IP Site Connect & Connect Plus.
  • Enhanced Emergency Response Communications.
  • Automatic Updates & Enhancements.

Key Features

  • GPS/AVL: Real-time GPS using live Google Maps, Speed and Heading, Historical playback, Geofencing, Landmarks and Emergency Notifications.
  • Emergency Alarms.
  • Text Messaging: Text Communication between radios and dispatchers with individual and group messaging.
  • Email: Send and receive emails between radios and any computer; receive alarm notifications to designated email addresses.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Multiple location-based reports preset to provide essential analytics of your subscribers; exportable and emailable.

SafeNet Application

System Requirements And Types

  • Radio Hardware/Releases Compatibility:
    • MOTOTRBO™ 1.4.
  • Computer Hardware/Operating Systems:
    • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 CPU: Intel/AMD 1600 MHz or greater, RAM: 1.0 Gb or greater, Hard Drive: 40.0GB or greater, Ethernet Card: 10/100 LAN, USB: USB 2.0
  • IP Technology:
    • High Speed Internet
  • Interfaces:
    • TCP/IP connectivity (LAN,WLAN,VPN)
  • Compatible with IP Site Connect, Conventional, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus & Connect Plus 1.12 and above.


Fire and Emergency Medical Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Mining, Oil & Gas, Police, Public Services (non-Public Safety Government), Transportation, Utilities.

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